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Welcome to NYI Building Products, Inc.

NYI Building Products started as a nail importer nearly 50 years ago, selling all types of nails to Lumberyards, Roofing Suppliers, and Window Installers.

NYI developed a reputation for quality, and service.

As our reputation grew, so did the requests from our customers to carry additional items.

NYI became the very first wholesale distributor of OSI sealants.

Today, NYI remains one of the largest independent OSI wholesale distributors.

Continued requests from our customers added additional products for NYI to distribute.

Throughout the years NYI added GE silicones, Titebond, Novagard, Apoc, Chemlink, SIKA, Titanium, as well as our own brand of Caulking, Silicone and Gutterseal  products that we inventory, distribute, and service.

Today the Torani Family continues the 50 year old tradition of quality and service to the Roofing, Window and Siding, Lumberyard and Hardware industries.